Ryanair tweets that it’s banned actor James Corden

By Linsey McNeill
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Ryanair said on Twitter that it has banned comedian and actor James Corden.

It posted the tweet just days after the Late Late Show host was temporarily banned from famous New York restaurant Balthazar for allegedly shouting at a member of staff.

Ryanair didn’t give a reason for its ban, the tongue-in-cheek tweet simply stated: James Corden BANNED from Ryanair above a photo of the TV funny-man on a plane with a No Entry sign plastered across his face.

The tweet has received more than 300,000 ‘likes’, but some social media users had a dig at Ryanair. One responded saying: “He’s just as annoying as your in-flight advertisements for fizzy drinks, lottery tickets, and making people clap at the end of the flight, oh and also encouraging people to queue 30 mins before boarding even starts, or as soon as the plane touches down. You’re the same.”

Another said it was ‘ridiculous trying to get some PR on the back of this restaurant business’ and one user said it was ‘virtue signalling’.

Corden has apparently apologised to Balthazar, whose owner told newspapers in the US that the ban has now been lifted.

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