Ryanair faces backlash for cabin crew ‘Pringles’ jibe

By Steve Jones
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Ryanair has come under fire for suggesting the role of cabin crew is to hand out snacks.

A tweet – since deleted by the budget airline – contained an image of a £96 item of clothing with the observation: “£96 to look like you’re handing out Pringles on a flight to Berlin”.

The message was branded disrespectful and belittled the critical role cabin crew play in looking after passenger welfare.

FRUnite, a branch of Unite the Union for Ryanair cabin crew, tweeted: “Ryanair, how about improving the salary of your cabin crew instead of paying for social media executives to disrespect them.”

Another tweeted: “Or keeping 189 passengers safe til they get to their destination. Your cabin crew deserve a bit more class than “handing out Pringles”, but I’m sure it was only a “joke”.

One passenger told the airline there was “more to the job than handing out Pringles even if you did mean it as a joke.”

The backlash led to Ryanair deleting the tweet, and in a later response to the criticism said: “Our crews are heroes and they know we love ’em. They boss the safety, we tweet the funnies.”

Travel Gossip has approached Ryanair for comment.

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