Ryanair cancels 100 flights due to French airport strike

By Kelly Ranson
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Ryanair has been forced to cancel close to 100 flights today (6 June) to and from Paris Beauvais airport due to air traffic control strikes.

The budget airline has cancelled flights across Europe that had been due to arrive or depart from the French airport, including 12 flights from the UK and Ireland such as Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds Bradford and Dublin.

Wizz Air Malta and Moldovan airline HiSky have also cancelled a small number of flights.

On its website, Paris Beauvais airport, which largely operates low-cost flights, said: “Major disruptions are expected in the flight schedule. Please contact your airline for any information on the status of your flight.”

Ryanair said affected passengers have been notified and can either move to another flight or to receive a full refund.

The airline has campaigned against strike action and said on its website: “Since 2023, there has been 84 days of French ATC strikes forcing airlines to cancel thousands of EU overflights from Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, and the UK, while France in particular uses Minimum Service Laws to protect French flights. This is unfair. France (and all other EU states) should protect overflights during ATC strikes as they do in Spain, Italy, and Greece.”

Further strikes are expected later this month in France. The Unsa-Icna union, the second largest for air traffic controllers in the country, confirmed air traffic controllers at Paris Orly Airport will take part in strike action on 11-13 June.

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