Royal Caribbean: Are they taking the pizza?

Charge for pizza on Royal Caribbean
By Linsey McNeill
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Royal Caribbean Cruises is believed to be considering charging for its onboard pizza restaurant Sorrento’s, which has alarmed some previous guests.

The cruise line apparently asked if, in the future, they’d be prepared to pay an additional charge for the pizza in a post-cruise questionnaire.

A follow-up question queried whether a charge for Sorrento’s would put them off cruising with Royal Caribbean, according to Cruise Hive.

On the publication’s Facebook page, several customers reacted strongly to the suggestion of a fee, with one joking: “There would be a revolt.”

Others said ‘no way’ and ‘absolutely not’, while one person suggested that the drip-drip of additional charges would encourage people to ‘push away from cruising’.

Royal Caribbean says on its website that it has ‘spent years perfecting the recipe at Sorrento’s’, which is available on its largest ships.

As it’s open late, it’s a popular venue for after-hours dining.

Travel Gossip has approached Royal Caribbean for a comment.

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