Review of the Sky Lagoon, Iceland’s alternative to the Blue Lagoon

By Linsey McNeill
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With the Blue Lagoon closed until at least Thursday due to volcanic activity in the immediate area, your clients might consider visiting the Sky Lagoon as an alternative.

In many ways, the Sky Lagoon – which opened in 2021 – is a better alternative to the Blue Lagoon, it offers a similar opportunity to soak in a geothermal pool, but it’s right at the edge of the sea so the views are even better. 

There’s a swim-up bar, similar to the Blue Lagoon, and chilling waterfalls for a bracing splash.

Sadly, there’s no mud to smear all over you, which is one of the appeals of the Blue Lagoon, but the Sky Lagoon does offer a much more full-on spa experience, including a huge sauna with a picture window overlooking the ocean, a cold plunge pool to stimulate your senses, a freezing rainforest shower (where you’re supposed to stay for seven minutes – I managed three!) and a steam room.

You can experience all of the above with the Sky Lagoon’s Seven-Step Ritual Package, which also includes a cleansing, buttery self-administered scrub (which I preferred to the Blue Lagoon’s mud).

After you’ve finished soaking, steaming and scrubbing and dried off in the truly beautiful and well-equipped changing rooms, there’s a dimly-lit, calming café where you can have a possibly healthy lunch or just a drink and a snack. 

The Sky Lagoon is only a few minutes from Reykjavik city centre and easy to reach from the cruise terminal too.

At the moment, no walk-in customers are accepted so booking is essential.

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