Reps vow to call on agent in ‘sleepy village’ after she says no-one visits anymore

By Lisa James
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Suppliers have leapt into action after an agent from a small village posted on Travel Gossip’s Facebook page to say reps no longer call by.

Clare Dudley Adams, Managing Director of Ponders Cruise and Travel, in the village of Over in Cambridgeshire, posted on Friday afternoon to say that, since the pandemic, hardly any reps have visited.

Clare’s post said: “Since COVID we have not seen as many lovely travel rep visitors to our store. We are in a sleepy little village so not on many people’s radars, but we would really love to see you if you are out and about in the Cambridgeshire area.

“We have just had our best year ever and we have exciting ideas for next year.

“We are always keen on undertaking some of your excellent training and love to learn what is new with your brands. So please bear this in mind when you are next out of the road in the Cambridgeshire area.”

Clare told Travel Gossip: “We’re a tiny shop but we’re doing really well. We have just gone over £4 million in sales, which, for a small team, is impressive.  

“We’ve taken on a new apprentice and an admin/sales person and my team and I were talking last week about how important it is to get the training. We really like seeing the reps and we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss anyone.

“Next year will be my 40th year in travel but I’m very surprised at how much I still need to know about the operators – mainstream and specialist, and how they are selling.”

Within hours of posting, Clare had heard from 10 suppliers who said they will make a point of coming in and visiting, including Visit Malta, Palladium, Iberostar, Typically and Newmarket.

Some commented on her Facebook post and others messaged her privately.

Clare said: “I’m so glad I put the post on Travel Gossip’s Facebook page. I always think that Travel Gossip delivers results.

 “We’re seven miles from St Ives and 12 miles from Cambridge, just off the A14. We’re not easy to get to for people who don’t have transport, but we are also happy to do training on Zoom.

“Also, if any reps are in the area and want to call in to use desk or for a break, we’re happy for that too. We are a friendly bunch and it’s good to catch up.”

Any suppliers that want to ‘head over to Over’ can contact the team at: [email protected]

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