Regional airport wins race to lift 100ml liquid limit first

By Harry Kemble
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Teesside Airport has claimed victory in the race to be the first UK airport to scrap the 100ml limit on liquids in hand luggage.

The Government set a June 2024 deadline for airports to install new security technology to allow two-litre liquid containers to be carried by passengers through security.

Teesside has now installed two C3 scanners, more than 14 months before the new rules come into effect.

The regional airport said the scanners have been installed in both security lanes at the airport, meaning the 100ml limit can be removed ahead of Easter.

London City Airport looked set to be come the UK’s first airport to relax the 100ml liquid rule at the end of this month, but it appears Teesside has now won the race.

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said: “Some airports have announced they’re looking to end the restriction in time for the Easter holidays, but we’re one step ahead in having already scrapped the limit, showing how local, regional airports are going further, faster for the people they serve.

“Passenger safety and experience is front-and-centre of all we do at Teesside Airport, and these scanners play a massive part in both.”

Last month, Travel Gossip reported that Luton Airport was installing 12 advanced scanners as it looked to remove the 100ml limit on liquids by the end of 2023.

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