Recruiters await post-election rebound after jobs market slows

By Lisa James
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The number of new travel vacancies fell last month and was down a quarter on the previous year, according to the latest figures from C&M Travel Recruitment.

C&M said the number of new travel jobs available in June fell 2% on the previous month and was down 26% on June 2023.

The number of new candidates searching for travel jobs dropped 22% last month compared to May, which hit a 2024 high. New candidate numbers dropped year-on-year, by 11% compared to June 2023.

There was also a decrease in the number of people being placed in new travel jobs, with a 27% monthly fall and a 35% dip from June 2023.

C&M said the number of vacancies has fallen in five of the six months so far this year. One reason is that there was a big increase in travel recruitment between autumn 2021 and spring and summer 2023, following the pandemic, when many companies filled long-term vacancies.

The recruitment company said it is hopeful the market will start moving again now the new Government is in place.

Managing Director Barbara Kolosinska said: “Summer is always a slow period for travel recruitment with many potential jobseekers and decision makers away on holiday. And with the Euros, Wimbledon and the Olympics offering even more distractions, this summer was never likely to break any records for jobs activity.

“But of course not everyone is away on holiday, so this creates a great opportunity for travel companies to snap up experienced talent while their competitors temporarily delay their recruitment plans.

“The run-up to a general election also always quietens the jobs market. Now that the votes are in and we have a new Government in place, we envisage that things may pick up as we enter the peak of summer.”

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