Recruiter urges companies to remind job seekers travel industry is ‘sexy’

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By Harry Kemble
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Travel companies must remind people how ‘sexy’ the industry is if they want to attract talented staff from outside the sector, C&M Travel Recruitment’s boss says.

Managing Director Barbara Kolosinska highlighted how there was a current shortage of talented job candidates looking for travel roles despite the number of jobseekers continuing to rise.

This week, C&M’s latest statistics showed the number of job candidates had now reached a level last seen in March 2018.  

However, while placements last month increased against February 2023, they fell by 47% against the 10-year high reported in March 2022.

Barbara urged travel businesses to think ‘outside the box’ when recruiting to try close the gap between placements and job candidates.

At the Xeinadin/ Elman Wall Leaders in Travel Summit, she told Travel Gossip: “[Outside travel] people are earning more money for less stress but it’s not as sexy. We need to remind people that travel is sexy.

“As an industry, we need to do a lot of work to highlight how good the industry is. We need to think outside the box, a bit like the army does.”

She added that the shortage of talent looking for travel jobs was ‘affecting us all’.

Barbara believes travel firms should identify potential candidates at leisure or online businesses.

“I don’t think one size fits all, but we need to look outside the box,” she added. “We need to learn from these sectors.”

Barbara added the industry lost talented staff to the NHS, Amazon, Google and Ocado during the pandemic.

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