Radio DJ Chris Evans gives shout out to high street travel agency

Chris Evans shout out for Travelbag
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Presenter and radio DJ Chris Evans praised Travelbag on his radio show ahead of a new store opening in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

The Virgin Radio presenter, who lives in nearby Ascot, gave a shout out to the company on his show last Friday.

The agency is due to open its new Marlow branch in January and unveiled its new logo and store front this week.

Speaking on his show, Chris said: “Clearly Travelbag has realised that in places like Marlow, people have a bit of time on their hands and they might want a bit of social interaction and this sort of personal service again.

“I thought, ‘I get that’ and it made me really happy to see a travel agent popping back up in the High Street.”

He added that Travelbag was ‘disrupting’ the market with the new store, when many companies are going online.

Speaking to Travel Gossip, Travelbag’s Head of Marketing Nicola Richardson said: “It was so lovely to hear Chris Evans mention our new store on his show.

“We are big fans of the Virgin Radio Breakfast show, and know many of our customers are too, so to get this fantastic brand exposure was a real treat!

“The fact that he referenced the importance of personalised service on the high street just reinforces why we are continuing to invest in our shops and that Marlow is the perfect choice for our next location.”

Travelbag Managing Director Lesley Rollo said: “We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new Travelbag store in Marlow this January. Embracing the local charm of Marlow, our team is excited to bring a world of travel possibilities to the community.”

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