Queue times at London City down 50% due to new security scanners

London City 3D scanners
By Linsey McNeill
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New security scanners at London City Airport have reduced queue times for passengers by an average of 50% since they were introduced a year ago.

In April 2023, London City became the first of the capital’s airports to fully deploy next 3D scanners, which allow travellers to pass through through security without removing laptops and liquids from their hand-luggage.

This also means that those flying from London City can now take up to two litre bottles of liquids in their hand-luggage.

Airport Interim co-CEO and Chief Operating Officer Alison FitzGerald said: “We are committed to delivering the quickest, easiest and most efficient airport experience in the UK, so we’re delighted with the results of our CT scanners rollout.”

However, ABTA is advising everyone travelling this summer to check rules for hand-luggage at their departure airport since most have yet to fully implement the new 3D scanners.

It is also warning travellers to check the rules at their destination airport since they might be restricted to a 100ml limit for liquids on their return.

London City and Teesside are the only two airports in the UK to have eased the restrictions on liquids in hand-luggage.

Birmingham Airport has pledged to do so from 1 June, when it will have new scanners in place for all passengers.

So far, no other UK airports have committed to fully implement the 3D scanners this summer.

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