Portugal introduces new entry rules as COVID cases surge

By Lisa James
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Portugal is reimposing arrival rules for passengers flying into the country to show a negative test certificate on arrival.

Reuters reports the country, which has one of the world’s highest rates of vaccination against COVID-19, is reimposing restrictions to stop a surge in cases.

The new rule comes in on 1 December.

Prime Minister Antonio Costa told a news conference on Thursday: “We have seen significant growth (in cases) in the EU and Portugal is not an island.”

Portugal reported 3,773 new cases on Wednesday, the highest daily figure in four months, before dropping to 3,150 on Thursday.

Mr Costa said airlines would be fined €20,000 euros per passenger if they transport anyone who does not carry proof of a COVID-19 test, including those who are fully vaccinated.

Passengers can take a PCR or a rapid antigen test, 72 hours or 48 hours respectively before departure.

He also said the fully vaccinated must also present proof of a negative coronavirus test to enter nightclubs, bars, large events and care homes, and that the EU digital certificate would be required to stay in hotels, go to the gym, or dine indoors in restaurants.

Those sitting outdoors will not need to show the digital certificate.

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