Govt encourages staycations by allowing more pop-up campsites

By Lisa James
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The Government has relaxed rules on campsites for summer 2021 as it encourages more people to holiday in the UK rather than go abroad.

Under the new measures, ‘pop-up’ sites will be allowed without owners having to apply for planning permission.

The move was announced on Sunday by Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick, who said it would support the increased demand for domestic holidays.

The minister said back in March that he was planning a ‘staycation’ this summer and has warned Brits to be cautious about holidaying overseas.

The Government said it wants local councils to be flexible about enforcing regulations so that pop-up commercial sites and existing ones can take advantage of relaxed rules.

It wants to expand on temporary rules last summer that allowed for the use of land as a commercial campsite for up to 56 days, without the need to apply for planning permission.  

This year it wants to see more businesses taking advantage of relaxation of rules and has told local planning authorities to be more flexible on regulations such as restrictions that may limit the temporary extension of existing commercial campsites for leisure use over the holiday season.

Sites must comply with the legal requirement for campsite licences, and local authorities are being told to speed up new licence applications.

The rules don’t mean people can set up campsites for domestic use, and do not apply to unauthorised campsites.

And rules will still mean local planning authorities need to take action on breaches of amenity, public health and safety or the environment.

Mr Jenrick said: “Many of us are planning a staycation this year, and I’m asking councils to support the extension of pop-up campsites for tourists and not let red tape get in the way of a great British summer.

“The measures will help holidaymakers make the most out of the beautiful seaside towns and countryside this country has to offer. Greater campsite capacity over the summer months will boost our tourism and hospitality industries and support the communities that rely upon visitors in their area.

“By taking a positive approach we can ensure that tourism, hospitality and the people across the country have a safe and enjoyable summer holiday.”

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