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By Harry Kemble
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P &O Cruises has launched four drinks packages for sailings lasting five nights or more.

The Refresh package, The Alcohol-free package, The Classic package and The Deluxe package will be available on Iona (pictured) and Ventura from tomorrow (20 May).

They will be rolled out across the rest of the fleet by July.

The Refresh package includes a selected range of soft drinks including lemonade, Pepsi and juices and is priced from £9.85.  

The Alcohol-free package, priced from £22.45, includes everything from The Refresh package plus Costa Coffee, tea and more soft drinks.

The Classic package includes everything from The Refresh and Alcohol-free packages, plus spirits, wines and cocktails, and is priced from £40.45.

The Deluxe package includes the same selection as the other drinks packages, plus an extended range of cocktails, spirits and wines. The Deluxe package is priced from £49.45.

Two prices are available for each drinks package. One price is available before the sailing and the second is if the package is booked on board the ship.

Passengers can buy a drinks package by logging into My P&O Cruises up to three days before their holiday or within the first two nights of their cruise on board.

All adults in the same cabin must purchase the same package. Each package is limited to 15 drinks in any 24-hour period.

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