PM: Get boosted to be considered fully jabbed to travel

Boris Johnson
By Lisa James
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The Prime Minister has said he expects more countries to consider visitors to be fully vaccinated only when they’ve had their booster jabs.

Boris Johnson was speaking at the first Downing Street COVID briefing of the year, in which he said he will advise Cabinet members tomorrow to continue with the Government’s current Plan B.

He urged unvaccinated Brits to get a jab and told those who still have not had a booster to do so as soon as possible, adding ‘anyone who thinks the COVID battle is over is profoundly wrong’.

He added: “It’s already the case that to travel to some countries, you need a booster to be considered fully vaccinated and it is likely that within weeks this will increasingly become the norm.”

The PM then said: “Clearly there will be countries that are going to start saying, for travel purposes for instance, that getting a booster is their condition for allowing Brits to arrive there. So it would be very much to people’s advantage, let me put it that way, to get your booster.”

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