Plus-size influencer demands free airline seats for larger passengers

By Harry Kemble
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A plus-size influencer has launched a petition calling on airlines to make flights ‘comfortable and accessible for everyone’, including ‘larger people’.

Travel and lifestyle creator Jaelynn Chaney says passengers like her should be given as many free seats as they need to be comfortable.

She also wants airlines to install larger seats and lavatories and she says larger passengers should be offered priority boarding and seat belt extenders.

Washington-based Jaelynn has set up a petition calling for clearer guidelines for airlines from the Federal Aviation Authority, part of the US Department of Transportation.

She said the lack of a uniform policy for airlines to adhere to was ‘unacceptable’ and ‘must be addressed’.

Airlines would refund plus-size passengers after the booking stage for any extra seats they have purchased, the petition says.

So far, the petition has attracted more than 6,550 signatures on  

‘Better policies protect the dignity and rights of all passengers’ and that ‘prioritises the comfort and wellbeing’ of all travellers, she said.

Jaelynn says she and her partner ‘have unfortunately experienced discrimination and discomfort while flying’.

Jaelynn also claimed she had been left in pain and bruised when flying.

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