Planes, trains and automobiles: Agent finally arrives at TTNG conference after 52-hour journey

Gary Lewis, Kate Harris
By Lisa James
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Travel agent Kate Harris has finally arrived at The Travel Network Group Conference in Munich after a mammoth 52-hour trip because of the weekend’s bad weather.

She said the trip, which included a three-hour drive from home, overnight stays at two different airports, a £200 taxi ride to London, a near-four-hour train journey from Frankfurt (standing up) and ‘lots of wine’, was well worth the effort.

Kate, Managing Director of Inspired Travel in Frampton, Lincolnshire, set off on Saturday afternoon with colleague Gaynor, for the conference, driving to Birmingham Airport where they’d booked fast-track parking, an overnight hotel and business-class seats on an early flight to Munich on Sunday morning.

The Sunday flight was cancelled, so they booked new flights to Frankfurt, flying out on Monday – from Heathrow, meaning they had to pay £200 for a taxi to London and another overnight hotel.

Their flight to Germany took off late as the plane had to be de-iced at Frankfurt, but eventually they arrived at Frankfurt on Monday afternoon.

“It was -3 and foggy when I left Lincolnshire on Saturday,” she said. We arrived in Frankfurt on Monday and it was zero degrees and snowing. It was chaos on the trains. We managed to buy tickets but couldn’t get a seat reservation so had to stand for three-and-a-half hours.

“We made it to Munich and went straight to the Hofbrauhaus at 7.15pm to meet the TTNG delegates, without checking in to our hotel, as taxis were in short supply.

“All I know is it was a bloooooody long time, but worth it.”

TTNG said yesterday it has re-timed the programme after bad weather forced the closure of Munich airport at the weekend, leading to flight cancellations from the UK, which meant half of the delegates were unable to attend.

Pictured above: Kate with TTNG CEO Gary Lewis. Pictured below: Kate celebrating after finally arriving in Munich.

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