Passengers miss flight after getting locked in corridor at Stansted

By Lisa James
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Passengers travelling with Ryanair to Zagreb had to bang and shout for help after being locked in a corridor at Stansted Airport – only to be released once the flight had departed, with their bags on board.

According to news reports, 23 passengers filed into a corridor after showing their boarding passes and passports at the gate.

But the corridor was then locked at both ends and the passengers had to bang on the walls and scream for help, before setting off the fire alarm to be rescued.

By the time they were rescued, the flight had already left, along with the trapped passengers’ luggage.

One passenger, Devina Raval, 33, told ITV News: “We showed our passes and passport then we were led down an escalator where I joined a queue in an L-shaped corridor.

“This was about half an hour before our flight was due to take off so we waited for 10-15 minutes before we started looking at each other thinking something was wrong.

“People were banging on the walls calling for help, it felt like we were being held hostage or something.

“There were kids crying and the whole place became really claustrophobic.

“I dread to think what would have happened if someone had a heart attack or something.”

After around 30 minutes, one of the passengers pulled the fire alarm and a member of staff arrived, asked them what they were doing stuck in the corridor and told them the flight had left.

Ms Raval added: “From there we were sent traipsing around the airport for three hours as we found out that all of our luggage had been sent to Zagreb without us.”

She said one family had been split up, with half on the aircraft and half stuck in the corridor.

Ryanair said: “Due to a human error by handling staff at London Stansted Airport, a small number of passengers could not exit the pre-boarding area doors and regrettably missed their flight to Zagreb [on 2 January].

“The error was soon realised, however the flight had already departed.

“Ryanair provided affected passengers with overnight accommodation and moved them on to the next available flight.”

It’s understood no Stansted Airport staff were involved in the incident.

The airport said it is not commenting.

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