Passenger shot as plane struck by gunfire

By Marco Marcelline
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A male passenger was shot mid-air after a bullet fired from the ground pierced through the fuselage in Myanmar.

The Myanmar National Airlines passenger was taken to hospital after the plane touched down on Friday at Loikaw Airport in the eastern portion of the country.

The plane was carrying 63 passengers and was flying from Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city. It was flying at an altitude of 3,500 feet and was four miles north of the airport when the attack happened.

Myanmar National Airlines has indefinitely called off all pending flights from the airport.

Myanmar’s military government accused rebel groups of being responsible for the gunshot. 

“I want to say that this kind of attack on a passenger plane is a war crime,” said Major General Zaw Min Tun.

The state of Kayah where the attack took place has been subject to intense fighting between military and rebel groups after the army overthrew the elected government in Myanmar last year.

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