Paddy McGuiness denies swearing in On the Beach advert

By Kelly Ranson
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Paddy McGuiness took to social media this week to make clear he wasn’t swearing in his current On the Beach television advert.

The TV presenter provides the voiceover for the OTA’s January Peaks advert, which sees a family jet off on holiday and is set to the soundtrack of ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ by Andy Williams.

However, a number of viewers have complained to the Top Gear star that they thought he was swearing during the ad.

In his Instagram video, Paddy said: “Quick one, a lot of people have been getting in touch with me on social media, saying they’ve seen my adverts with On the Beach. Are you swearing? Just to clear this up, it’s ‘booking geniuses’, not ‘f@!*ing’ geniuses, as in book with On the Beach and you get free lounge access and all the perks, that’s the whole idea, not ‘f@!*ing’ geniuses.”

He added: “I’m due a bit of winter sun myself. Tenerife or Dubai, they are the ones this time of year, guaranteed the sun there.”

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