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By Lisa James
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Jetset has set up a security PIN system in an attempt to cut the number of fraudulent bookings coming through its call centre that claim to be from bona fide agents.

The system takes seconds to set up and is optional, however, agents are being encouraged to use the added layer of security.

In a message to agents, Jetset said:  “Over the past few weeks you will have seen a lot of press coverage asking agents to be on their guard for potential fraudulent bookings.

“Jetset are doing everything we can to prevent this from happening and we please ask you to be always on your guard.

“With a rise in fraud within the industry, we have developed for agents to add that extra layer of security when booking with Jetset and we have now introduced an optional security PIN.

“Being a trade only operator, we do require agents to log in using a case sensitive password to enable access to [agent booking system] JETS.

“However, the issue lies with a new fraud, now prevalent in the industry and observed by Jetset since the start of the year.

“This latest approach is where individuals are contacting operators via their call centre to impersonate being a travel agent.

“They then attempt to make a booking with almost immediate travel dates that will be billed to the agency and of course by this stage passengers have flown.

“Thankfully as a trade only operator Jetset are almost always able to quickly spot when non-travel agents call, however the current round of attempts appears to be driven by people with an understanding of the industry.

“The new security pin has been put in place to increase security when booking through the Jetset call centre, offering agents an ability to assign a security code into JETS via the Agent Toolbox.

“If a security PIN has been assigned by the agency, the call centre will be prompted to ask for it, a code must then be entered before our team can proceed with the enquiry.”

More information is available on the JETS system.

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