One of InteleTravel’s global top sellers defects to PTS

By Linsey McNeill
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A homeworker who was consistently one of InteleTravel’s top five sellers worldwide has left to join Protected Trust Services.

Pontypridd-based Dave Leyshon, owner of DTL Travel, said one of the reasons he switched was that he could no longer book TUI with InteleTravel.

He said he also wanted access to a greater range of holidays and to higher commission levels.

Dave told Travel Gossip that although he ‘had an amazing three years at Intele’ he decided to join PTS to boost his commission and access a wider range of holidays.

Since he switched to PTS on 30 May, he has sold £190,000 of holidays.

“Intele take a big cut of your commission, you only get to keep 60% and you don’t really know what you’re getting paid,” he said. “With PTS, it is much more organised, the suppliers pay more commission, and there are more of them.

He said being able to sell TUI and Jet2 was key to his decision to leave Inteletravel for PTS. He said Intele ‘doesn’t sell TUI any more’ but when they did he said there was a ‘massive’ difference in the commission paid to PTS agents.

InteleTravel UK Director Tricia Handley-Hughes said: “We are currently reviewing our contract with TUI but retain a relationship with them.”

Dave said:“TUI is a big supplier and so is Jet2, so I wanted to be able to sell them, but Travelpack has been the biggest supplier for me since I moved to PTS because I sell a lot of sports tours, including the World Cup packages.

“Intele does have Olympic, which was good, but TUI and Jet2 were always coming out a lot cheaper.”

Dave, who has 20 years experience as a complaints manager for British Gas, joined InteleTravel as it provided a low-cost entry to travel, but he said he’s since found that PTS’s much higher monthly fee is ‘100% worth it’.

“I had an amazing three years at InteleTravel and I’m grateful for the opportunity and for their support in promoting my travel  business. Since joining PTS, this has opened up a whole new beginning due to the variety of suppliers we have available.

“Travelpack, Jet2holidays, TUI & JTA have been a complete gamechanger for me. The Football World Cup Packages with Travelpack have been a massive success and summer holidays with Jet2holidays and TUI.”

He says he’s now thinking of recruiting additional agents to work with him under his PTS membership, including a couple he recruited at InteleTravel.

“I had a few other agents working with me at Intele because I worked with PlanNet (InteleTravel recruitment agency),” added Dave. “At one time I had eight agents, but most of them left because of COVID and I so then had just two. I am seriously thinking of expanding my business and bringing them over to PTS.”

Of Dave’s departure, Tricia of Intele said: “In the homeworking environment, agents often move around and we have gained agents from other agencies.

“We would like to express our thanks to David during his time at InteleTravel and wish him well for the future.”

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