NJT to match Govt’s £350 monthly pay for staff hosting Ukrainian refugees

By Lisa James
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Not Just Travel has announced three initiatives to help members support Ukraine, including matching the UK Government’s monthly payment for people who host refugees.

For staff that take in a refugee under the Government scheme, the agency group will match the £350 monthly payment the Government is giving for up to six months.

The company is also granting its employees fully paid leave to help with voluntary work to support Ukrainians, either locally or nationally.

In addition, it is offering financial support to agents who want to fundraise on behalf of Ukraine.

Co-Founder Steve Witt said: “Every single one of us is eager to help ease the suffering of the Ukrainian people. As a large business, we have the ability to help too.

“The Government’s Homes for Ukraine programme is good, but only goes so far.

“With ever-increasing living costs, £350 doesn’t cover the outgoings.

“We have an incredibly passionate team who want to do their part but not everyone can afford it. That’s why we are pleased to match-fund the effort so that hosting becomes easier and more affordable.”  

Regarding the paid leave initiative, he said: “Our employees have the option to take unlimited fully paid leave to enable them to assist in charitable efforts for Ukraine.

“Each request will be dependent on the team’s ability to accommodate the staff leave, but we will do our best and do our part.

“Ultimately we just want to do anything we can to help and make it easier for our staff and members to help and support too.”

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