‘Nightmare’ new portal is losing operator bookings, say agents

By Harry Kemble
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Frustrated travel agents say they’ve become so infuriated with Emirates Holidays’ new booking portal they’ve given up on the tour operator.

Travel Gossip understands the new next.emiratesholidaysgents.com platform was introduced ahead of this year’s peaks, but agents have described it as ‘awful’, ‘a nightmare’ and ‘one of the worst’.

When one travel agent posted in the Travel Gossip Facebook group about an apparent glitch on the booking site, other agents said they had stopped selling Emirates Holidays since it had been introduced.

Holiday Elite homeworker Marie Vaughan, who says she makes £300,000 of Emirates bookings each year, said that six weeks after she’d booked a package for a family of four, Emirates contacted her to say there were only three people booked on the flight.

Marie was told she’d be charged an extra £636 to add the fourth person, even though she said the operator blamed a glitch on the system.

After Marie posted about the situation on Travel Gossip, another agent replied: “It’s a shocking system and the thing is they know about this as it happened to me. Don’t give in Marie Vaughan.”

Marie told Travel Gossip: “The system is very hard to navigate. Emirates told me that I had to click on a certain button to add the person but that’s a load of rubbish. I’ve had to teach myself how to use that system.”

However, after she had posted about the issue on Facebook, Emirates Holidays issued her with an invoice with all the names included on the flight.

But Marie said another issue with the booking portal was that the quoted price increased at the booking stage.

“You’re quoted the price, but when you click to book, the price goes up,” she said. “I’ve had to make a loss on it. You cannot get round it,” she said.

Another agent wrote on Facebook: “We stopped using them since the new system came in too. Absolutely rubbish.”

“Lots of holiday prices are jumping at basket stage too – never ever saw this on the old system,” wrote another.

“The price jumps up at the basket all the time,” one replied.

Marie demonstrated to Travel Gossip how the price changes by requesting quotes for two holidays; the first rose by £27 at the booking stage, the second jumped £18.

Another agency homeworking boss, who did not wish to be named, said: “It’s a booking portal and it works but it’s very clunky.”

She said she’d made a 15-minute video to show her homeworkers how to dynamically package using the booking portal.

An Emirates Holidays spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear Ms Vaughan’s complaint. Incorrect information was provided at the time of booking. Our customer care team has been in direct contact with Ms Vaughan and the issue is now resolved.”

The spokesperson added: “We are also continuing to work closely with our valued agent partners to ensure the portal meets all requirements.”

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