New plans for London-New York supersonic jet unveiled

By Linsey McNeill
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A new design for a supersonic jet capable of flying between London and New York in 3.5 hours has been unveiled.

The Boom Supersonic Overture jet will fly at Mach 1.7, similar to Concorde and twice as fast as existing planes.

Carrying 65 to 80 passengers, it could be flying by 2030.

Crucially, the supersonic plane has been designed to fly on 100% sustainable aviation fuel, such as recycled food waste, cooking oil and sewage, making flights net zero carbon.

The new design unveiled at the Farnborough Airshow includes ‘gull wings’ to increase speed and stability and a fuselage that narrows towards the rear to decrease drag.

“Aviation has not seen a giant leap in decades. Overture is revolutionary in its design, and it will fundamentally change how we think about distance,” said Boom founder and CEO Blake Scholl.

“With more than 600 routes across the globe, Overture will make the world dramatically more accessible for tens of millions of passengers.”

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