New Luton airport shuttle will be UK’s most expensive rail journey

By Harry Kemble
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The Luton Airport shuttle service is finally set to open next week but passengers may wince once they learn how much a journey will set them back.

Council body Luton Rising says one-way fares for the 1.3-mile route between Luton Airport Parkway Station and Luton airport will be £4.90, with no discount for return trips.

At £3.70 per mile, the Direct Air Rail Transit (DART) train service to Luton airport overtakes the Heathrow Express as the costliest train service in Britain.

A single ticket on the Heathrow Express, bought online, costs £25, which averages out at £1.50 a mile across the 16.5-mile route

Currently, passengers flying from Luton must disembark at Luton Airport Parkway station – 1.5 miles away from the airport.

From there, they can take an eight-minute shuttle bus to complete the remainder of the journey to the airport.

But the DART train, which had been due to open in May 2021, will now start shuttling passengers from 10 March, making the journey to and from Luton airport quicker.

Luton Rising says the journey will take just four minutes – half the current journey time on the shuttle bus.

After a three-week ‘soft launch’ period, during which the DART will run for four hours a day, the train will become fully operational.

During the ‘soft launch’, passengers who have a ticket for the existing bus transfer will be invited to take the DART at no additional charge.

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