New launch date announced for postponed three-year cruise

Villa Vie round the world cruise
By Linsey McNeill
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A delayed three-and-a-half-year world cruise has set a new launch date.

In a video update, Villa Vie Residences’ CEO Mikael Petterson said the 924-passenger ship, Villa Vie Odyssey, will now leave Southampton on 20 July 2024.

He said the latest delay to the launch of the round-the-world cruise was due to the need to replace ‘extremely’ outdated rudders on the ship, which was originally Fred. Olsen’s Braemar.

The ship, currently docked in Belfast’s Titanic yard, has not sailed with passengers since March 2020.

Mikael said: “We took possession of the vessel four months ago. At that time, we had no knowledge about the vessel; the maintenance records had been deleted. We were given a clean slate on all of the equipment on board.

Mikael added: “The 20th of July is our very, very last date we need to be ready to take residents on board for our launch date.”

Villa Vie Odyssey, which was originally due to set sail in mid-May, will cruise from Southampton to a total of 425 ports in 147 countries, including the Americas, the Caribbean, Antarctica, Alaska, Asia, the Pacific islands, Australia, New Zealand, ending in Europe in 2027.

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