New Fred Olsen Travel shop to open seven days a week

Trevor Ridley, Business Development Manager at Fred Olsen Travel
By Harry Kemble
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Fred Olsen Travel is set to open its 18th shop in Eastbourne next month.

The new branch in The Beacon Shopping Centre will be the first branch in the agency’s retail network to stay open seven days a week.

Business Development Manager Trevor Ridler said the branch would soft launch on 18 June before an official opening with guests on 10 July.

He said: “The only time that we’re going to be closed is for Easter and Christmas. We’re going to keep with the hours of the shopping centre.

“We don’t want to close the shop on Sunday. It’s more of a visual thing because if shoppers are in the shopping centre on a Sunday and they see that we’re closed are they going to come back the following week?”

Fred Olsen Travel’s Heathfield shop currently receives some enquiries via its website on Sundays, according to Trevor, who helped open the branch in East Sussex last year.

He added: “I come into the Heathfield shop on a Monday and there are always a few website enquiries that have dropped on a Sunday.

“So, staff in the new Eastbourne shop will probably have those to work on a Sunday.”

Sales staff at the Eastbourne-based shop will complete any booking administration on site, Trevor said.

However, if there are too many bookings to manage then Fred Olsen Travel’s Heathfield shop will take over that responsibility.

Confirming Fred Olsen Travel wanted four sales staff in its new branch, Trevor (pictured) said: “We want experienced staff to start with but I’m a big believer in bringing new blood into the travel industry.

“However, I do not think it would be right to open and train staff at the same time.”

He added: “East Sussex College has got a highly regarded travel and tourism course. I do not think that we’ll have problem finding youngsters to come into the business when the times comes.”

Trevor confirmed one staff member had already been recruited.

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