New Cuba specialist launches – with some familiar faces

By Lisa James
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Travel agents have given a massive thumbs up to news that the team behind Live Cuba is back with a new company specialising in the destination.

Alan Meadows, who was Business Development Manager at Live Cuba before it closed down last October, has set up a new trade-only operator, called Simply Cuba.

The supplier will launch in about three weeks’ time, and Alan has brought back staff who worked in reservations and commercial for Live Cuba.

Alan said: “Cuba is a hard destination to sell – with lots going on behind the scenes. After Live Cuba closed, no-one else was pushing Cuba to the trade. But there’s still a large community out there that wants to travel to Cuba.

“We are starting from a new slate, with new investment and we believe that we can take Cuba to the trade again.

“We launch in three weeks but I posted a little teaser at the weekend. The response I have had has been phenomenal. It’s a lovely feeling.

“It’s good to be back.”

He added: “I can’t reveal any names yet as we’re still signing contracts, but the team will be made up of people agents know.”

Agents responded to news of the operator’s plans with comments including: “Simply the best news”, “So exciting” and “Glad to have you back”.

Simply Cuba is backed by investor Adarsh Shah, who was Operations Manager at The Holiday Place, parent of Cuba Holidays, which Alan ran before setting up Live Cuba.

The Holiday Place collapsed in May 2019, leading Alan to go on to form Live Cuba.

A dedicated website will be launched shortly, with a 72-page brochure due out in the summer.

Alan said he’s also looking at expanding into other destinations in the future.

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