Netherlands TREBLES air passenger tax

KLM flight departs Amsterdam Schiphol
By Linsey McNeill
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Air passenger tax in the Netherlands has increased to almost €30 per flight this month.

According to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration website, the rate for 2023 is €26.43 per passengers per flight. It was previously less than €9.

The tax only applies to departing passengers and transfer passengers and children under two are exempt from the tax, which was first introduced only in 2021.

The new rate applies to tickets that have already been sold, according to the Dutch tax website.

UK air passenger duty currently ranges from £13 for economy short-haul flights to £554 for a premium seat on a long-haul flight. The rate for domestic flights will be halved in April to £6.50, but the tax for long-haul will rise. A new band will also be introduced for the longest flights, pushing the maximum up to £601.

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