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By Linsey McNeill
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Two British Airways transatlantic flights were forced to make emergency landings earlier this month after passengers smelt burning.

Business class passengers on a flight from Boston to London told flight attendants they could smell smoke coming from Seat 12A, according to The Sun.

The aircraft, thought to be a Airbus A380-8, landed safely two hours later after diverting to St John’s in Newfoundland, Canada, where two flight attendants were taken to hospital after inhaling fumes while trying to find the cause of the smell.

In the other incident, flight attendants had to spray a fire extinguisher after reports of a burning smell, also in the business class cabin, on a flight from Washington Dulles to London.

The aircraft, thought to be a Boeing 787, diverted to Halifax in Canada, where it landed safely.

A BA spokesperson said: “Both flights diverted as a precaution due to technical issues and they landed normally.

“We apologised to our customers for the disruption to their journey and got them on their way as soon as possible. Safety is always our highest priority.”   

However, BA declined to reveal the cause of the burning smell, saying only that it was a ‘technical issue’.  

It is understood both planes have both returned to service after being checked by airline staff.  

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