MSC and Trivago take different stances on Chelsea FC partnerships

By Lisa James
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MSC Cruises is withdrawing from its marketing activities with Chelsea Football Club as a result of the fallout over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The cruise line has partnered with the club since 2018 and announced last November that it was extending the deal.

Since the invasion, the UK Government has clamped down on several Russian oligarchs with links to President Putin – including sanctions against Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, who has now put the club up for sale.

MSC said it first partnered with the club because it had ‘widespread appeal both locally and internationally’ but added: “We look forward to the transition of ownership and will continue to support the club and its fans.

“In the meantime, we have decided to temporarily withdraw the marketing activities included in our partnership until further notice and we thank the team at Chelsea Football Club for their understanding.”

In contrast, Chelsea training kit sponsor Trivago is not cutting ties and said it will continue to ‘support the club’.

Trivago signed a multi-year deal with Chelsea last summer and said it is ‘important to us to continue supporting the club, the fans and community’, while calling for a change of ownership ‘as soon as possible’. 

Trivago said: “As a global travel brand, we believe in connecting and bringing people together.

“These are values shared by Chelsea FC, an institution that is now 117 years old with a tradition so vitally important to its fans and communities, both locally and globally, and that is why we decided to partner with the club last year.

“The uncertainty over the current ownership situation of Chelsea has been challenging. Moving forward, it is important to us to continue supporting the club, the fans and community along with the essential work that the Chelsea Foundation does to help those in need.

“We are looking forward to a transition of ownership as soon as possible and want to support the club in this process. We will provide any update to our business relationship if and when appropriate.”

Trivago’s decision to stand by Chelsea has polarised reaction, with some people taking to social media to say they supported the decision and would be more likely to book through Trivago as a result. Others said Trivago’s decision was ‘disgraceful’ and have vowed never to book through the company again.

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