Mosquito swarm grounds Mexican flight

By Neal Baldwin
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There’s nothing that beats the buzz of flying… unless it’s the buzz from a swarm of mosquitoes!

Incredible video and pictures have emerged from a recent Volaris flight showing cabin crew and passengers battling to fight off the nasty biting insects as the aircraft waited to depart from Guadalajara.

The service, which was bound for Mexico City, was delayed for more than two hours on the runway while flight attendants walked up and down the aisle spraying bug repellent.

Passengers can be seen swatting at the mozzies with their hands and waving away the mist from the spray as they suffered in their seats.

The bad news was that none of the attempts to kill the insects seemed to work. In fact, the spray only made the mosquitoes mad, with local newspaper El Sol de Léon reporting unwelcome guests did not stop buzzing around until the lights inside the aircraft were turned off.

Flight data for VOI221 showed that the service was scheduled to depart at around 4:30 pm., but it did not take off until nearly 7pm.

It’s not the first time mosquitoes have struck at Guadalajara International either. A similar incident happened back in 2019.

Officials at Mexico’s third-busiest airport noted that the problem was caused by its location outside the city in an area surrounded by thick vegetation and abundant areas of stagnant water, which is the perfect breeding conditions for the bugs.

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