More candidates chased fewer vacancies last month

By Lisa James
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There were more new candidates for travel jobs last month, although the number of vacancies was down.

Latest figures from C&M Travel Recruitment show the number of new candidates searching for travel jobs in October was at its highest level since July 2021.

Last month’s figure was up 34% year-on-year and up 29% on September 2022, although still below pre-pandemic October figures.

October 2022 was also a busy month for new travel job placements, with placements rising by 18% from the previous month and by 56% compared to October 2021 and up 24% on October 2019.

Last month also recorded the second highest number of new travel job vacancies in the past five months, despite a 4% fall from September.

C&M Managing Director Barbara Kolosinska said: “With a shortage of quality candidates affecting all industries at the moment, it’s very encouraging to see a big increase in jobseekers in the travel industry last month.

“This was the highest monthly total since July 2021 and the second highest since autumn 2019, so this increase in candidates should come as welcome news to us all as we try to encourage and incentivise new talent to work in travel.”

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