Mexico smoking ban extended to beaches and hotels

By Lisa James
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Tourists could be fined or jailed for ignoring strict new anti-smoking laws in Mexico, which includes a ban in all public places, such as beaches, hotels and town squares.

The law came into effect on Sunday and has been described as ‘one of the most stringent in the world’.

It’s an extension of the country’s previous anti-smoking laws, which applied to public transport, bars, workplaces and restaurants.

The only legal place to smoke in Mexico is inside private homes or private outdoor spaces, and tourists who smoke face fines of between $50 (£40) and $300 (£240) if caught smoking in public.

Anyone who refuses to cooperate could be jailed for 36 hours.

It’s also reported that electronic cigarettes and vapes can’t be used in public spaces in Mexico.

However, there are doubts as to whether the law will be enforced.

The UK Foreign Office has not yet updated its advice to include the new law.

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