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By Lisa James
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Many agents know Peter Green from when he was Trade Trainer at the Malta Tourism Authority, but he’s just crossed continents to become Business Development Manager at Inside Travel Group. Travel Gossip caught up with him as he prepared to hit the road to spread the word about InsideAsia and InsideJapan.

I never travel without… a new book. It’s always a visit to the book or charity shops to find something for the more relaxed moments. Oh, and headphones. I always travel with headphones.

My go-to destination is… easily Malta (for now). Good food, amazing history, some great friends, and the chance for additional tattoos, much to my mum’s displeasure.

The famous person (dead or alive) I’d most like to travel with is… pretty cliché but it would have to be David Attenborough. His incredible knowledge would bring another level to the holiday.

My favourite hotel for a weekend away is… Chilworth Manor on the South Coast. Beautiful grounds, close to the New Forest, and the chance for a ghostly bump in the night.

When I travel, I never get tired of listening to… The Uncanny podcast or pop-punk playlists.

My weakness is… Anything sugary. I swear my dentist hates me.

The next place I’ll visit is… Japan and South Korea, Both are incredible destinations and so different culturally. Thankfully my new employee is the best tour operator out there and I cannot wait to travel on a cultural adventure.

My mantra is… what’s for you won’t go by you.

The restaurant I’d choose for a perfect date is… Spitalfields Market. Not a restaurant, I know, but takes the pressure off choosing a cuisine. However, the other half is vegetarian so somewhere that caters for her.

The thing I’m most proud of is… my ever-growing collection of street artist works including originals and one-of-a-kind drawings. I can’t have a plain wall.

Born and brought up in… a wee village just outside of Aberdeen. Home to the largest and more fearsome seagulls in Europe.

Live in… Southwest London. Only a short walk from the mighty fortress that is Stamford Bridge.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… much younger, a palaeontologist. Then for a while, a chef.

The thing I miss most while travelling is… Irn-Bru, the nectar of the gods.

About Inside Travel Group
Inside Travel Group is a B Corp tour operator with the brands InsideJapan Tours and InsideAsia Tours, offering escorted small group tours, self-guided cultural adventures and fully tailored itineraries.

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