Mayor of Kos urges trade to keep supporting the island in wildfire update

By Lisa James
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The Mayor of Kos has assured holidaymakers the destination will do everything possible to ensure their safety following the wildfire that caused the evacuation of Kardamena resort on Monday evening.

In a letter to the Greek National Tourism Organisation in the UK, Mayor Theodosis Nikitaras said feedback from holidaymakers who have since returned to the resort was ‘positive’ and there is no damage to the town.

“Nonetheless, please inform us if there are any concerns or problems with your clients, whether they are already on the island or not,” he said.

“We are here to support you and to ensure that both your clients already on the island will continue to enjoy their holidays and those planning to come in the coming days feel confident that they will have a wonderful summer vacation.”

Mayor Nikitaras said: “Yesterday, the village of Kardamaina [Kardamena], one of the most beautiful places on our island, had to be temporarily evacuated to ensure everyone’s safety due to a nearby fire.

“We fully understand that this interrupted the holidays and plans of many visitors. However, thanks to the immediate mobilisation of the authorities, the citizens, and the effective operation of the firefighting mechanisms, we successfully followed our predetermined plans and kept everyone safe.

“The Municipality of Kos did everything possible to address and overcome the challenges promptly. The cooperation of local authorities, tourism businesses, citizens, and all visitors was exemplary. We made it through, and for that, we thank you.”

He ended his message by urging the trade ‘to continue supporting Kos with your presence and trust’.

“We are here to offer the best possible hospitality and to assure you that the safety and well-being of our visitors remain our top priority,” he said.

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