‘Massive buzz’ at Jet2 after staff get another pay rise and bigger profit share

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By Lisa James
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Jet2.com and Jet2holidays staff will get a 9% pay rise in the next financial year.

The new pay deal, starting in April, is on top of the 8% increase, £1,000 thank-you bonus and five days’ extra holiday – one of which is now permanent – given to everyone in 2022. 

The company is also increasing the terms of the company’s profit share scheme for the current financial year, meaning eligible colleagues will now get a share of 6% of the profits, rather than 5%. 

In a letter to staff, Chief Executive Steve Heapy, said: “We have the best colleagues in the industry.

“We remain committed to ensuring that we continue listening and reacting to their feedback as the business evolves, and we hope this will continue to make us their employer of choice for years to come.” 

In Jet2’s financial update on Thursday, the company said wage increases ‘may mean margins come under some pressure’ but wanted to ‘ensure our colleagues can thrive and have a balanced lifestyle’.

Human Resources Director, Miriam D’souli, said that salary review and profit share update was a ‘total surprise’ to staff and generated a ‘massive buzz’ around the company.  

“The response has been phenomenal,” she said: “We’ve had so many emails thanking us, saying “why would you ever want to work anywhere else?”. 

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