Luton Airport car park to be demolished

Luton Airport car park
By Lisa James
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Luton Airport Terminal Car Park 2, which was severely damaged when a huge fire broke out last month, will be fully demolished, the airport has confirmed.

More than 200 flights were cancelled and more than 1,400 cars were destroyed in the fire, on 10 October.

It’s believed the fire was caused by a vehicle fault, although a man was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Operations Director Neil Thompson said: “I can now confirm, that due to the extent of the structural damage, the car park will need to be fully demolished, and any cars parked on levels ground to three are not recoverable, ahead of the demolition work.

“This is consistent with our initial assessment, which has now been confirmed following a full structural report.

“The process to remove around 100 vehicles from the top deck to stabilise the structure is ongoing.

“This has been a painstaking task and has taken longer than expected, not least because we have been hampered by periods of bad weather and strong winds.

“Any customer who believes their car may be one of these, and who would like further information, have been advised to contact their insurance company directly, as they and their partners have begun the process of retrieving these vehicles.”

He said most insurance claims have now been settled.  

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