Lucky escape for Brit bitten by deadly Aussie snake

By Neal Baldwin
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A British social media star has had a lucky escape after being bitten by a deadly Eastern Brown snake on Australia’s Fraser Island.

TikTok creator Ben Cramp (@GeeBeeTV) was saved from near-certain death simply because the snake’s fangs hit his ankle bone, preventing its venom fully entering his body. A bite would typically kill within 30 minutes.

Ben, who has been travelling with his girlfriend Georgia, posted a video detailing the encounter, which ended in his helicopter evacuation to hospital earlier this week. In the film, he explains how the couple rented a car on the Queensland island and later set up camp on the beach.

The next day he got up early to capture drone footage of the sunrise, but crashed the camera into a tree and was forced to go into the bush to recover it.

“I stood on something dark, and I felt something hit my ankle. I got back to the truck, saw the fang marks and then it sort of sunk in what had happened,” he said.

 “We had no signal, but these legends bandaged me up and rushed me down the beach. As soon as we reached signal, they sent the helicopter in.”

Looking on the bright side, he added: “Not too bad though, I got a free helicopter sightseeing tour of Fraser Island. Currently waiting for bloodwork. And, yeah, welcome to Australia.”

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