Low-cost airlines behind huge increase in summer fares to Spain

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By Linsey McNeill
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Low-cost carriers have increased fares from the UK to Spain by 42% for this summer, according to data from global travel intelligence firm Mabrian.

While the low-cost airlines, like easyjet and Ryanair, are still typically cheaper than the legacy carriers like British Airways and Iberia, their fares have increased by 11% more, it said.

Looking at published prices on 24 April for flights between 1 June and 15 September, Mabrian said the average fare was €210 (£180), or €182 (£156) with a low-cost carrier.

It said this was up 32% year on year, which was a much bigger increase than from Germany (+5%) and the Netherlands (+7%), where the average cost of a flight to Spain this summer is €187 and €176 respectively.

Mabrian Director of Marketing and Communication Carlos Cendra said: “The increases in average flight prices we are observing reflects, on the one hand, the rising operational costs of airlines; as well as the growing demand to and from Spain for this summer season. 

“There is still room for adjustment for these rates on these traditionally summer routes, since we are dealing dynamic prices that will vary over the coming weeks, responding to the behaviour of demand.”

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