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By Neal Baldwin
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Calling all Cupids: did you book a Canaries break for a fella named Paul? If so, there’s someone who wants to hear from you.

Self-confessed ‘hopeless romantic’ Jane Annakin is desperate to track down the mystery man who lit up her TUI flight back from Lanzarote to Manchester Airport last Sunday (9 October).

Lovelorn Jane, 53, from Castleford, says she and her unknown suitor chatted constantly during the four-hour journey. And she’s convinced the couple had ‘a connection’ that could blossom into something more serious.

Sadly, she didn’t pluck up the courage to ask him out on a date – meaning she’s had to turn to a newspaper appeal to find him!

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Jane said: “He just opened up and told me so many things that you wouldn’t tell a stranger. We just got on so well and it was so refreshing to have a conversation like that and click with someone like that.

“It was one of those moments where he said ‘it was lovely to talk to you, I have really enjoyed talking to you’ and then I kind of dashed off. It was one of those moments where I thought why did I dash off?

“Why did I not just say ‘do you want to exchange numbers’? He might not want to. I am sure he is single but he might not be, I am nearly 100% certain he is.”

Jane was sat in seat 17F and the man was in 17E on flight number TOM2755. She thinks he is called Paul (despite being ‘hopeless with names’) and that he’s from Wigan. He was travelling with his mum and stepdad.

GDPR concerns aside, can Travel Gossip readers help? Come on guys… we want our first wedding!

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