Loose Women star accuses BA of damaging wheelchair for second time this year

Sophie Morgan accuses BA of damaging her wheelchair again
By Harry Kemble
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Loose Women star and disability advocate Sophie Morgan has accused British Airways of damaging her wheelchair for the second time this year.

An ‘exhausted’ Sophie posted a video on Instagram on Saturday (10 June), detailing the incident following a flight to Los Angeles.

She told her followers that she was ‘absolutely f****** raging’.

“British Airways have broken my Batec,” she said. “I arrived at the airport and it was working. Now I am reunited with it off the back of the plane and it’s not working.

“[It’s got] some kind of electrical fault, it’s not connecting when I turn the key and so what does that tell you? It’s been manhandled.”

She added: “I honestly don’t think I can take much more of this. I was just told to put a complaint in through the website again.

“Thankfully, I know that’s not what I’m meant to do. I’ve had no sleep, I’m absolutely exhausted.”

In a statement BA apologised to Sophie, saying: “We’re really sorry for our customer’s experience and are in direct contact with her to resolve the issue as we investigate what happened.”

After a meeting at British Airways’ offices on Monday (12 June), Sophie revealed the airline had damaged or broken three of her mobility aids in the past six months.

“The meeting wasn’t just about me or the issues I have faced – although everything was addressed, of course – moreover, the purpose of the meeting was to focus on solutions,” she said.

In February, British Airways said it was working with Sophie to improve its service after she said the airline had damaged her wheelchair on a flight home from a holiday to California.

She estimated that the damage would cost around £5,000 to repair, adding in an interview with The Express that the incident was ‘an assault’.

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