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By Neal Baldwin
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Customer claims website Flight Delay Claim has been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority after a complaint by Loganair.

The airline challenged four tweets and a page on the brand’s website, which suggested passengers could be in line for €250 compensation if they were on certain flights.

Flight Claim Delay, a trading name of legal firm Versus Law, had picked four different Loganair flights from January this year and said travellers should get in contact to make a claim.

However, each of the services was delayed by adverse weather, meaning no compensation was payable. Loganair also complained that the ads did not mention potential fees or the fact that third-party organisations cannot make initial compensation claims to the airline.

Versus Law argued that its ads to attract potential claimants meant it would then go on to determine if they had a valid case. It said investigations would be needed to see whether clients were actually delayed by bad weather, and had not mentioned fees because these would be disclosed later.

However, The ASA ruled that by using terms such as ‘Claim Now’ and  ‘Claim €250 Each’, the website misleadingly suggested pay-outs were likely.

Versus Law was ordered to ensure similar adverts did not appear in future.

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