Lanzarote President insists ‘Brits will always be welcome’ amid tourism row

Dolores Corujo, Lanzarote President
By Harry Kemble
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Lanzarote President Dolores Corujo has insisted ‘British tourists will always be welcome’, following an outcry over reports that she’d said she wanted to ditch UK visitors in favour of ‘higher quality’ German tourists.

In an open letter sent to Lanzarote newspaper La Voz De Lanzarote on Sunday (19 March), Ms Corujo said her comments, made at ITB Berlin earlier this month, had been taken out of context.

She wrote: “You cannot clarify something that has not been said. It is flatly false that on the island of Lanzarote we do not want British tourism or that they want to reduce their number.

“So, I will say it once and completely: British tourism has always, is and will always be welcome in Lanzarote.”

She added that she was ‘saddened’ by the ‘false controversy that has been unleashed around British tourism’, insisting some have taken her comments ‘out of context’.

“Others have misrepresented the assessment I made about the future of the tourism sector on the island,” she said.

The President said destinations such as Lanzarote attended tourist fairs to showcase their attractions and ‘capture new markets to diversify the tourism they receive’.

“Lanzarote has also been doing it for years because the basic laws of the economy advise us not to depend on a single issuing country, especially in times of uncertainty such as those we are experiencing from the war in Ukraine,” she said.

“That does not mean that we do not want those who visit us the most, British tourists, quite the opposite.”

But she warned that overcrowding on the island would damage the experiences tourists have.

“For this reason, we want to declare the tourist capacity of the island officially exhausted and commit to a rational and lasting development based on quality and the elements that differentiate us as a unique tourist destination in the world,” she added.

Ms Corujo’s comments at ITB upset Jet2 CEO Steve Heapy as well as tourism bosses on the island, who insisted she put the record straight.

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