Kenya insists it’s safe to visit following last week’s deadly protests

By Lisa James
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Tourism chiefs representing Kenya have said the country is still safe for holidaymakers after last week’s protests that saw thousands of people storming Parliament and at least 23 killed.

Police opened fire on protesters last Tuesday who were demonstrating after Parliament passed a finance bill that included controversial tax increases that many said were unaffordable.

Kenya’s President William Ruto has since said he will withdraw the bill, saying: “I concede.”

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) said it wanted to reassure people that ‘Kenya remains a remarkably safe and welcoming destination for all visitors’.

The KTB said flights are operating as normal and all airports, road networks and railways are open.

In addition to withdrawing the bill, KTB said the President ‘has also proposed the formation of a multi-sectoral, multistakeholder engagement within the next 14 days to chart the way forward on the bill while addressing the issues and concerns raised during the impasse’.

“These are reassuring steps confirming that Kenya is open for business,” the KTB said.

“All tourism destinations and attractions remain unaffected and open to visitors. We continue to work in close collaboration with local authorities to monitor any concerns and ensure seamless experiences for visitors.

“Kenya’s renowned warm hospitality and high service standards remain unwavering. Visitors can continue to expect the welcoming experience that Kenya is famous for.”

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