Jet2 updates sustainability strategy

By Lisa James
Home » Jet2 updates sustainability strategy and Jet2holidays have published an updated sustainability strategy, including the launch of a new 2024-2035 climate transition plan.

The plan will see reduce its carbon emissions per revenue paying passenger kilometre by 35% in 2035 compared to 2019.

This will bring Jet2’s carbon intensity in line with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) guidance by 2035.

The strategy details a number of other actions that Jet2 is taking, such as the introduction of new technology to provide real-time operational data and analysis that can drive fuel savings, weight-reduction initiatives, expanding Jet2holidays’ Certified Sustainable Hotels collection, and reducing the energy use from Jet2 owned buildings to net-zero.

The companies have committed to disclosing all Scope 3 emissions [those that result from activities from assets not owned or controlled by Jet2] associated with their entire supply chain.

CEO Steve Heapy said: “Today we are publishing an updated strategy which is bolder in ambition and outlines an emissions reduction pathway which will bring’s 2035 carbon intensity in line with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) guidance.

“Critically, this emissions pathway is realistic and achievable because it is based on technologies and actions that we know are available and can be taken currently, rather than what may or may not be available in the future. In addition, we will also be closely monitoring to see where we can invest in and embrace new technologies.

“Our strategy clearly sets out our vision to accelerate our sustainability journey whilst supporting our colleagues and the communities where we operate.

“What is now required is more tangible Government support, both here in the UK and in Europe, to help aviation decarbonise faster. The opportunity is right in front of us and the UK can become a global leader in SAF, carbon capture and decarbonisation technology with the right support from Government, but the time to act has to be now.”

View Jet2’s sustainability strategy here.

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