Jet2 pilot receives dad’s final broadcast as an air traffic controller

Jet2 pilot and ATC dad
By Linsey McNeill
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Air traffic controller Ian Gott made his last ever transmission to his First Officer daughter Lauren as she flew a Jet2 Boeing 737 into Glasgow from Antalya.

Ian said it was a ‘dream come true’ to make his final broadcast, after 41 years, to Lauren during his last working day at the NATS’ Prestwick Centre before he retired.

He used his final transmission to say a few words to mark the end of his career and broadcast his pride at being able to share the moment with his daughter, who wished him a very happy retirement.

Other Jet2 pilots on the frequency at the time also shared their well wishes and congratulations to Ian.

Lauren joined Jet2 as a pilot apprentice in 2020 and has been flying from Glasgow Airport as a First Officer since 2022.

“Since I started my flying career, my dad has always dreamed about when the time came for him to retire, how special it would be if I could be the last person that he transmitted to over the radio,” said Lauren, adding: “I’ll miss hearing his voice over the radio at work (and getting some great shortcuts!) but it’s been an absolute pleasure to share these final moments of his career in such a fitting way.”

Ian said: “I remember taking Lauren down to the airports in Glasgow and Prestwick when she was a young girl, and she would sit on the roof of the car mesmerised, shouting ‘jumbo’ at everything! 

“It sparked her interest in aviation early and by the age of seven, she was determined to become a pilot. I never would have thought all those years ago, that I would be making my last ever transmission from Prestwick Centre to my daughter as a First Officer for Jet2.”

​He added: “It’s an emotional time for anyone leaving a job after so many years, but this has made it truly special for me.” 

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