Jet2 crew member says ‘yes’ to mid-air proposal

By Lisa James
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A member of’s cabin crew got the surprise of her life when her boyfriend appeared mid-air and asked her to marry him.

Senior Cabin Crew Member Stephanie Perrett had no idea boyfriend George West was on the flight when it took off from Bristol to Menorca.

But her cabin crew colleagues did know, as they’d helped George plan the surprise proposal.

They sat electrician George at the back of the aircraft, knowing Stephanie would be looking after customers at the front.

Shortly after take-off, Stephanie was asked to go to the flight deck, and when she returned, George was at the front of the aircraft, where he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

She said: “I do,” to whoops and cheers from passengers.

Stephanie said: “When I saw George, I had to do a double-take and I thought what on earth is he doing on my flight when he’s supposed to be at work! When he knelt down, I couldn’t believe it. I’m really looking forward to getting married.”

George: “I cannot tell you how great the team have been in helping me make it happen. We’ll definitely be looking at a Jet2holiday for our honeymoon.”

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