Jet2 amends anti-scam advice after agent uproar

By Lisa James
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Jet2 has amended advice to customers on how to avoid being scammed, after complaints from independents that its original wording was not agent-friendly.

Agents criticised a post on the public & Jet2holidays Facebook page on Valentine’s Day, which warned: “Don’t let scammers break your heart.”

The post was accompanied by broken heart emojis, and offered ‘a few tips to keep in mind when booking your next holiday’, warning: “Don’t fall for the scammers.”

Among several tips to help customers avoid being scammed was one that advised: “Do not purchase holidays via Social Media.”

Agents complained the advice was ‘not cool’; ‘not agent friendly at all’; ‘absolute nonsense’. One independent said agents had been ‘thrown under the bus’.

The operator incurred the wrath of independents, just days after it announced it has overtaken TUI as the biggest UK operator – attributing its special relationship with agents for its success.

One agent pointed out: “Some of us agents get most of our business through social media, and we sell your holidays through it too.”

One agent said: “Considering homeworkers who use social media to promote their business and are some of your biggest advocates why would you throw them under the bus like this?

“Seriously Jet2 you need to take a look at your marketing team!!! I get what you are trying to do but don’t try to tell people that buying a holiday off someone on social media is a scam!!”

Another commented: “Social media is now a massive platform for travel agents and is where most bookings now come from.

“It’s a shame as I would say 90% of agents across the UK advertise Jet 2 holidays daily, so not sure why you would post this.”

And another told Jet2: “Some independent travel agents actually have a great online business via social media.

“And they actually put a lot of business your way at Jet2 and make you millions of pounds in revenues.”

In response to the backlash, & Jet2holidays changed the original post to say: “Beware of scammers on social media platforms offering unrealistic deals.”

Jet2 also told agents who’d commented: “Thanks for your feedback. We have amended the post to make the intention a lot clearer. We always listen to our agency partners, so thanks for getting in touch!”

In a separate comment to Travel Gossip, Jet2 said: “The post has been designed to protect customers from online scams and we have amended the original wording to make the intention a lot clearer, whilst also encouraging customers to book through an independent travel agent or homeworker.

“We always listen to independent travel agency partners and homeworkers, and we have responded to those who contacted us.

“Of course, social media is a vital tool and we work with agency partners and homeworkers to utilise it every day.”

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